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With over 25 years experience in family law, Julie Kearney is the person you can trust to resolve your matter professionally, efficiently and with compassion. 

Family Lawyer, Julie Kearney


Mediation offers you the chance to take control of the dispute and settle it on terms acceptable to you.


Arbitration is a new and evolving tool used by courts to allow parties to financial disputes to take control of the determination of their dispute in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. 


Julie regularly appears before the Family and Federal Circuit Courts in Newcastle, Sydney and regional NSW, representing a variety of clients ranging from parents, partners, grandparents, children and third party corporate entities.

About Julie

Julie has over 25 years’ experience in family including 9 years’ experience as a Family Lawyer, (accredited family law specialist), followed by her appointment as a Registrar of the Family and Federal Circuit Courts for 10 years, and finally, joining the Bar over 4 years ago. Along the way she has been appointed editor of the Family Law Reports and contributing editor to a number of legal publications including the loose-leaf service, Australian Family Law and the text, Annotated Family Law Legislation.  She is also a nationally accredited mediator and member of the ADR Committee, NSW Bar Association.

Licensed & Certified Family Lawyer

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Family Lawyer, Julie Kearney